1653 Foundation and National Grid Volunteers Help Clean Up Huntington Downtown Alley Way

We would like to thank all of the volunteers that contributed to our public service event on Friday, 9/15/23 in the Huntington downtown entertainment district on New York Ave. This project was a collaboration with National Grid in support of the 1653 Foundation mission of Restoring, Maintaining and Enhancing Huntington’s Parklands and Public Spaces.

The effort to clean-up a blighted alley way in the heart of the Huntington downtown area included; removing debris, weeding, and enhancing the pedestrian walkway.

This clean-up project is the first step to revitalize the alley way into a vibrant and safe space that promotes art, culture, and commerce, while also enhancing the overall community experience.

View the complete “Huntington Artist Alley” project details and consider a donation.


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